Saturday, October 25, 2014

Wooden Door Statue Take 2

Last year, my friend came over to my house in October and saw my Halloween Door Statue.  Before saying anything else to me, she exclaimed "WHERE'S MINE??!"  Hanging my head in shame, I had to tell her that I didn't make her one.  Then we both laughed.  

Unfortunately for her though, I am HORRIBLE at actually making things on request.  For instance, it takes me about an hour, maybe an hour and a half from start to finish, with dry time, to make one of these statues.  But, the minute I am making it for someone else, I panic and freak out.  And this statue took me a full year to make.  I cut the wood and painted it last year in October.  Then in June of this year, I screwed it all together.

I made a few new characters for this one too, just so our statues would be matching.  The hair for the witch is old wires that my next door neighbor gave me.  I spray painted them black using Krylon black chalk board paint.  And the hat is a felt hat that I picked up from Michael's.

And it wasn't until early October that I actually cut out the vinyl faces for it.  The faces were cut files that I downloaded from Silhouette.  I used the same ones on the mini statue I made too.

I am horrible.  I know. But luckily, my friend was understanding and was just happy to be getting one at all!  When I showed up at her house with a finished product she was super excited!  Year be darned, you will get your Randi day.

And here is the statue family all together...don't they look happy?

For a full tutorial on making your own door statue from scrap wood, please see the post with the original door statue!

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