Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Wooden Frankenstein

Last year, when I made a bunch of wooden pumpkins for my mommy group's Halloween party, I got a ton of feedback on them and how much everyone loved them!  So I knew this year I needed to do something equally as fun!

So for this project I bought a piece of 4x4 from the hardware store and cut it into some random sized pieces.  

When they were cut, I sanded the edges a little bit and then painted them green.

After they were prepped, I scheduled play date and had a bunch of 2 year olds over to decorate them! 

The final touch to these guys was nailing the "bolts" in on each sides.

I really liked how this craft turned out and the kids did an amazing job on each of their Frankensteins! It was a great craft for them!  It was both the perfect type of craft and the perfect amount of time for to do it.  Right when they got bored of putting stickers all over them, they were done and could go off and play!

I mean, aren't they like the cutest things you have ever seen?  We put ours on the porch with our little wooden pumpkins!  I think he fits well here, what about you?

And this here is the afternoon groups version of the craft (yes I am crazy enough to host two crafty playdates in the same day!)!

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  1. Did you cut the foam stickers for the faces, or get them somewhere?

    1. These particular ones I got last year at Target, I am not sure if they are there this year, but these would be super easy to cut out on your own with foam from the craft store


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