Sunday, October 19, 2014

Wooden Gift Tags

On one of my "window" shopping days, I stopped in this local scrapbooking store and found these wooden gift tags.  Hello!  They were wood, and super cute, and like $2.  I couldn't not buy them right?

See around these parts, I try to make fancy little gift tags to put on the gifts to the kids from Santa.  I tell Lucy that it's to help save him the work of coming up with fancy, then we can keep them and reuse them every year.

Originally I was going to spray paint them with chalk board paint, and heck, I still might do that, but for this particular idea, I wanted to use washi tape...another of my most favorite things in the whole crafty world.

After I put some tape on them randomly, I strung them up with some glitter thread.

And TA-DA! Seriously that simple.

What I like the most about washi tape is that it's not a very tacky tape, so if I decide I hate how they look, I can always just take off the tape and put new tape on.

Or I could add more tape to them, maybe a piece of chalkboard tape so that I didn't have to worry about actually painting them.  Either way, they are super cute, easy and reusable.  I can decide to change them every year, or simply leave them like this for as long as they will last.

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