Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Wooden Pencil Holder

During last years 31 day challenge, I made a PVC pipe desk organizer that I still use every day.  It's come in super handy and the fact that I can hang it on my wall to keep my kids out of things makes it even better.  The only problem that I have run into was that it wasn't in arms reach for me, at least not now with my new desk.  

I needed something that was portable and easy to reach and something that I could switch out the tools in as I was working on specific projects.  So I went into my garage into my scrap pile of wood and found an old 4x4 piece of wood.  I used these fun circular drill bits to drill holes into it in different sizes.

After I was done drilling the holes, I wrapped it in some of my favorite washi tape patterns and BAM, it was that easy!

Some of the holes are big enough to fit my pliers so when I am making jewelry, I have them right there.  Some holes are small enough for my pencils when I am sketching.

I think I might add a hole that will fit my glue sticks too because I am always using those.

And the best part is, it's super light weight so it's easy for me to take this outside when I am working in the garage or at my desk inside, or at the kitchen table, or in the kitchen, or anywhere I am crafting at the moment!

What would you like to have within arms reach at your desk?

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  1. This is super cute I may have to make one!! And my favorite from Starbucks is white mocha frap with an add shot!!

  2. Instead of using the Wassi Tape(?), hit it with your blow torch!!!........U do have a blow torch?.......Even I have a blow torch and I have two left hands!!!!


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