Thursday, November 6, 2014

Faux stained windows

After seeing my friend Cori's (from Let's Eat Grandpa) post with the paint chip art, I was inspired to make something similar but for my kids to do!  I immediately thought that her triangles would be great on a window and so I went digging around to find removable window stickers to make this happen.

The fun thing about these removable window stickers is that you can run them through your printer so you can really print anything you want.  They are going to help make this year's rainy season so much more tolerable.  But before I get ahead of myself, let me tell you how I made these specific ones!

I used my Silhouette design studio to make my printable by putting a bunch of triangles on my sheet and then filled them with different colors.  Then I sent the document to my printer.  I could have done a print to cut file, still using my Silhouette, however, there was a grid on the window sticker paper and I was afraid it would make my machine read the registration marks incorrectly and well, for the cost of this paper, I didn't want to mess it up.

So I did what any person from the stone ages would do in a situation like this, I cut them out by hand with scissors.

After they were all cut out, I peeled the backing off (which was the most difficult part in this whole process) and then put them on the window.  My son watched me the whole time in amazement.  I think he thought that I was doing something wrong because we have a strict "NO STICKERS" rule in our house unless it's in the craft room.  And because he's a rebel, he relished in the fact that I was doing something taboo.

When I was all done peeling and sticking them on the windows, I did a quick test to make sure they would come off cleanly, which they did, and then I told my kids they could make whatever creation they wanted to!  My daughter started rearranging the second she was done helping me take pictures!

I am excited to try out all kids of things with this window sticker paper.  I am thinking of printing off some pattern worksheets to help my daughter learn to recognize patterns and I could also do letter and color match ups with my son to help him with his words.

Overall, this window sticker stuff is opening up a whole new world for me and will help me help them with the winter cabin fever!

Here's another rainy day activity!


  1. This is a Good one.....I like stained glass and I hope that Little Red plasters them everywhere....He will have fun!!!!!

  2. PS.....I think that U are building up to some 3D Printer Action


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