Monday, November 17, 2014

Marbled wine glass charms

It was only just a year ago when I made my first wine glass charms and I was so happy with how those ones turned out, I had to do another set!  And these sets are going to be perfect for your upcoming holiday parties!  

Oh yea, and did I mention they take like 10 minutes to make?

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This time around, I decided to try the new Mod Podge Melts colored melts.  Like when I used the frosted melts, I had so much fun making these!  What inspired me to try these wine glass charms again, was that I had intended to make some for some specific friends, but they had stemless wine classes!  How was that going to work with these stem charms?

So just for fun, I put one on the rim of my wine glass and what do you know, it stuck!  Turns out, the plastic from the melts works similar to silicone so it just sticks!  It's awesome!

To get this amazing marbled look, was first by accident!  I was trying to clean out one of the colors from my hot glue gun and I used some regular hot glue and it blended the colors a little.  I thought this was so cool, I decided to cut the melt sticks into smaller pieces.  As each smaller stick ran out, I would push in another color.

When they were cooled, I cut them with scissors so I could slip them over the edge of my glass, or use them as stem charms too.

I really enjoyed how they came out.  The next set I try to make, I want to cut the melts into even smaller pieces so I can get more of a marbled effect.  And I am thinking of ordering the melts that have the glitter in them and mixing those together too!

What I liked most about this effect is that no two are alike!  Each combination is going to be different in some way.

I also found that the little gears worked really well as charms too.  Matt liked the charms because in this house of geeks, well, they fit in.

Now, I am able to share these with all my friends, especially since as I was making these, I made like 8 sets...and there is no way I need 8 sets of wine glass charms!

Now, my only issue is, trying to make sure my wine doesn't run out!


  1. U can use them to help U keep track of how much U are drinking or better yet how much Little Red is drinking!!!

  2. I've never heard of these Mod Podge Melts! I'll have to check them out.

  3. Cute idea! I would have never thought to use them for that, but a great way to keep glasses sorted!

  4. Wait, Mod Podge MELTS?? What is this magic? I love these wine charms! So cool!


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