Friday, November 21, 2014

Photo booth

When I was looking for things to add to my "Month O' Wood" I came across this piece of thin MDF. MDF is manufactured wood or pressed board.  I have no idea what the original intent was for this particular board, but I knew I needed it.  I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it either, which is something my husband know...that I pick up random junk all the time with no good intent for any of it and then bring it home and sit on it for months.  

Well, as it goes, I was taking apart a desk that I got off my local Buy Nothing group and decided that the legs of the desk would work perfectly as sides to this piece of MDF.  With sides it could easily be turned into a little photo booth!  So I sketched out some circles and used my drill to drill holes in it so I could pop them out.  I am sure using a jig saw would have been easier but I couldn't find mine.

Oh yea, and don't mind me, I do this stuff in the house.  I am the messiest crafter in the world I swear.

Once I popped the circles out I had to sand them which I did using a nail file.  Hey, like your mamma used to tell you, you got to work with what you got...she meant with crafts right?

After I sanded the holes I took it outside and primed it with some flat white Krylon spray paint. 

I also spray painted the top part blue.  When that was dry, I brought it inside out and used acrylic paint to do the design.  For this season I picked a snowman and a reindeer.

I am not the best painter in the world but I kinda feel like what makes these types of photo booths the best is the imperfections or the cartoonish style to them.

When it was all dry and done, I had the kids come outside with me and be silly!  They loved it and wanted to play in it all day they said.  And by playing with it, they meant, "TAKE A PICTURE, LET ME SEE IT!  TAKE ANOTHER PICTURE!  LET ME SEE IT!" back and forth for about 20 minutes until I was exhausted.

What I like best about how I did this, is that I can paint and re-paint this over and over and over as much as I want.  OR, I could paint on a roll of paper and just take it on the front so I could just have a rotating scenes.  Either way, I really love this and I can't wait for our little holiday party to see all the fun faces the kids make!


  1. Good one, but we will have to vote as to whether to count it as a "Wood" project as it is "synthetic" wood.....What do Red and Louie say?


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