Friday, November 14, 2014

Stitch Fix Review

Article #1: Olive & Oak Alvin Striped Long Sleeve Sweater  $68
Oh I loved this top!  It was lightweight and comfy and perfect.  I could layer it with a cami under if it's more chilly and since it's lightweight, it will work for the fall and the spring as well!  It's so amazing and soft!

Status:  Kept

 Article #2: Market and Spruce Breyson Split-neck tab sleeve  $48
They sent me a shirt like this in one of my first Stitches that I got and I didn't like it.  Changing up the color here did not make me like it anymore.  Plus, even though I like bright colors, this just wasn't for me.  There was just too much pink, if you can believe it.

Status:  Sent Back

Article #3: 41Hawthorn cowl neck shirt  $48
I really liked this one.  It fit nice and I felt was complimentary.  I thought it would be perfect for dates too, however, we don't really go out that much and I already have a few nice things to wear out too so I decided to opt out of this one.  Sadly.  

Status:  Sent Back

Article #4:  Market and Spruce Lace overlay   $58
This shirt, well I loved it.  It was soft and comfy and fit well.  But, the lace overlay was not just a screen print overlay, it was actual lace and in the 5 minutes it took me to try it on, walk outside, take a picture and change, I almost snagged it a million times.  I knew this shirt would not last long.

Status:  Sent Back

Article #5:  Papermoon Abstract tie dye  $34
This shirt was so awful, I didn't post it on Facebook and it's so awful I almost didn't post it here.  The colors, barf.  The style, gross.  Aside from the awful colors, it was cut too short and the arms connected to the shirt at the elbow.  It was just weird and awkward and so the opposite of anything I would ever ever ever ever ever ever ever wear ever.  

Status: Sent Back

I wasn't thrilled with last month's Stitch so because of this I am taking a little break.  My next Stitch won't be here until January so hopefully it gives my stylist a little time to get some fresh new pieces!

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  1. What is that weird thing you are wearing in the last photo? Is it a shirt or your new bat wings? Bat wings would be kinda cool....but as a shirt, I agree that one was a fail. Good call on the return.

  2. Nice tops..........U should do the same with T Shirts..........We LOVE T-Shirts..........


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