Sunday, November 23, 2014

This week's menu


That's my word count.  I have 7 days to write 22,813 words.  Can I do it?  I guess I don't have any choice right?  I really want to get the T-shirt and a mug.  I have promised myself I won't buy those things unless I make it.  I think I can do it.  I have taken a few days off from writing this month, so if I really push...I am pretty sure I can do it.  I just need to push push push!

In other news, this week is Thanksgiving, but you already knew that.  Did you know, however, that this week is my favorite holiday?  Why is that do you ask?  Because, FOOD!  I love me some food.  And not just any food, I love the Thanksgiving feast!

This year, we will be celebrating with some friends as we did last year which will be nice.  Then, that night, I am hittin' up the mall like a crazy person with another friend and doing the Black Friday craziness!  I don't even need to buy anything and I could just spend the night sleeping, but there is something so fun about going out Black Friday shopping that I just can't help myself.  I like having an excuse to drink coffee at 1am.  And to run around being goofy with my friends!  I feel like a teenager again!  Are you going Black Friday shopping?  Anything in particular you are looking for? I'll be posting a few deals here and there that I find on Amazon on my Facebook page, make sure you keep an eye out!

Ok and now on to this week's menu (naturally it's going to be an easy light one):

Monday - salad (nothing fancy)
Tuesday - tortilla soup
Wednesday - homemade pizza
Friday - leftovers (hopefully we will take some home)
Saturday - mini feast, I'll be making a ham, mashed potatoes, homemade green bean casserole
Sunday -leftovers

Since I gave you 8 jokes last week, you should have some left over for this three day school week. So instead of jokes this week, I am giving you some conversation starters for Thanksgiving dinner!


  1. I need to do more crockpot meals for sure. Dinner always escapes me. It's like a new shock everyday when hubs asks what the dinner plan is. LOL

  2. First, U didn't say what was being served on Thursday, and as for the shopping, "Don't Do It, Randi, Turn Back!"


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