Monday, December 22, 2014

What we got our kids for Christmas and why

So Christmas is coming up FAST! but you still have a little time to pick up some last minute gifts!  I have compiled a list here of some of the things we decided to get our kids for Christmas this year and why we did.  This post contains affiliate links.

It was so easy to fall into the "Frozen Christmas" theme this year, it's everywhere, my kids love it, I don't hate it, BUT, I like the idea of having things around the house that will last longer than a phase. So we got some science stuff to be educational (click on the pictures and it will take you to Amazon):

We picked a few books because we love reading:

We got a few art supply kits because I feel art is super important:

They got "action figures" too.  I am in love with the GoldieBlox line and the zombie...well Dex is in love with zombies right now so why not:

And then, they got a few silly things too.  These things were on their wish lists so even though Matt and I hate the idea of play makeup, for $8 we might just make her the happiest little girl in all the land so why the heck not:

In addition to this list, they also are getting a bunch of board games, socks, undies and some shirts! Stocking stuffers, I ended up getting Dexter some Play Doh, water color books, a smaller version of this shaving kit,  and this Olaf beanie.  For Lucy, she is getting a Frozen beanie, a couple of these little bracelets that I picked up on clearance at Target, and two Frozen toothbrushes.

So that is a little peak into what our kids are getting for Christmas!  Will any of these be under your tree?


  1. My 11 year old is getting a kindle and my 7 year old is getting a waterproof camera. Grandma rounded it out with a scooter and MP3 player for the 7 year old and slippers, bathrobe, and flip flops for the 11 year old. Aunts and Uncles contributed Disney Infinity Starter pack for both boys, AMC gift cards, DVDs and books.

  2. we got that chemistry set too!


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