Friday, January 23, 2015

Dr. Seuss necklace in 15 minutes

While I was on my Dr. Seuss kick, I decided to see if I could use Mod Podge Dimensions in place of resin.  See, resin intimidates me.  There is the mixing process, the...well really it's just the mixing for me.  I am nervous I am going to blow up the house or something. I mean, sure that is probably not the case but it's what makes me nervous about using resin. And my friend Paige said that her problem with resin is that you have to make a ton of it just for small projects and you end up waisting a lot.

So I vowed to her that I was going to try it.  While I was tearing up this book, I just picked a few little pieces that I loved and cut it down to size to fit in this bottle cap, which you can find on Amazon (affiliate link).

And then I filled it full of resin.

And I did two of them...mostly because after the first one dried, it was dried really bad, so I had to redo it.  

You can see here in this next picture what I mean about how it dried poorly.  You can see the little air bubbles all over the place and it completely messed up the necklace.  

But, the second one I did, I monitored it a little bit while it was drying and when I saw some air bubbles I popped them with a needle.  So this one dried much better.  **Note: this project is 15 minutes minus DRY TIME.  You do have to let the Mod Podge Dimensions dry completely and that takes about 30-45 minutes but the cutting and prepping etc, is like 15 minutes.

And, I think I liked this section of the book a little bit better than that first one anyway!  I mean, am I right?

So if you are looking for a quick alternative to resin, I would have to say that Mod Podge Dimensions should work!  I mean, I might not ever try resin, so I can't actually vouch for it being a great substitution, but it has my vote regardless ;).


  1. Very cute! I like how simple it is too. Thank you! Sharing it with my Twitter followers next!

  2. What a cool necklace. My boys would love this.

  3. I can Mass Produce this project easily by having your Scouts pop all the bubbles!!!

  4. How did you attach the hook for the chain? Did you buy the bottle top or is it from a specific bottle?

    1. Here is an affiliate link to what I used. And I will update my post! Thanks :)


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