Thursday, January 1, 2015

My one word

For basically as long as I can remember, I’ve done New Years Resolutions.  I’ve vowed to lose a million pounds, to eat better, to work out more, to finish all my half started projects…There hasn’t been ONE resolution that I have actually completed.  Sure, I’ve tried, but really, in the long run, I have just felt like I have failed one more thing.  

This year, I am doing something different.  

Last year, I saw a bunch of people write one word they were planning on getting better at.  One word they were wanting to work on for themselves.  There were words like  “purpose,” “reflection,” and “strength.”  These were all very inspiring to me.  So this year, I am picking RELATIONSHIP.

This is a word that I have been thinking about a lot lately.  The RELATIONSHIP I have with my husband, the RELATIONSHIP I have with my children, the RELATIONSHIP I have with my family, the RELATIONSHIP I have with my friends.


This year, I am planning on building these RELATIONSHIPS with the people in my life.  I want to make sure to go on more dates with my husband, something that always seems to get put on the back burner.  I want to make sure that in 20 years from now when I have no children at home, Matt and I have other things to talk about other than after school programming and potty training schedules.  

I want to spend more time with my kids, together and individually, since this year I found myself getting distracted with other things and when they wanted to play with me, I wouldn’t want to or when I wanted to play, they were busy with other things. It’s so easy to get distracted with the every day things like cooking and cleaning and blogging.  I don’t want them thinking they are always on my back burner.  There is still going to be times when they will need to be on the back burner, I will have to cook dinner, I will need to clean, but I don’t want to constantly tell them ‘no’ or ‘not now.’  That will be a hard habit to break, because it’s so much easier to say ‘not now’ and then forget to make that “now” moment.  

I want to work on the RELATIONSHIPS with my friends.  I want to write letters to my friends in other states.  I used to write letters and notes all the time but since having kids, I have completely stopped.  But you know what?  It takes a second to write a quick note to a friend just saying that you are thinking of them.  Friendships are like marriages, they need work, nourishment, love and attention. I know that friendships change and sometimes things unsaid put strain on the relationship, I want to make sure to embrace those changes and strengthen those bonds.  I want to make sure that I am also putting the time and effort into the right relationships, that the people I surround myself with are those that compliment myself and my family, relationships that aren’t toxic, and by toxic, I mean ones that are more one sided, or ones in which I don’t feel are making me better.  I know that sounds really selfish, and maybe it is, but if you think about it, your RELATIONSHIPS should compliment you, make you want to be a better person, a better friend.  When you have toxic friends or friends that only come around when they need something, it’s draining.  I also don’t want to be that toxic friend to someone else.  I am sure, that I have been, too.  But I am going to work on my half of the RELATIONSHIP with my friends too. I want to be the type of friend that compliments them and make them want to be better also.   

I want to work on the RELATIONSHIP I have with MYSELF too.  I’ve struggled a lot since April when I got so sick with what I can only describe as survivors guilt.  I also have realized i have started a completely unhealthy relationship with food.  Since being released to a normal diet again, I have been indulging in food like it’s going out of style.  Since April, I have gained a significant amount of weight and where originally I was excited about gaining a few pounds since it meant my body was working properly again, I know that I have gone overboard with it.  Because of this, I have been very uncomfortable in my own skin again.  I want to fix that.  I want to be comfortable with how I look, how I feel.  I want to be healthy regardless of what healthy weighs.  I want to be comfortable with myself not just for me, but for my daughter too.  

And lastly, I want to work on my RELATIONSHIP with my blog.  A lot of the time this year I have stressed and freaked out about getting content posted, making sure I’m getting the page views I need, the following I want.  For what really?  Does the world stop when I don’t get a craft posted?  Do any of my readers actually lose sleep if you don’t know what we are having for dinner on Thursday?  No.  The fact is, I put the pressure on myself for nothing.  In order for me to continue writing on this blog, I need to do it for me and on my own time.  I know I will still have deadlines for sponsored posts, but as long as I am pressuring myself to get out so much original content, the deadlines for sponsored posts goes down too.  I feel like if I am not stressing out about getting projects out, I can actually spend time writing good content too and not just a bunch of garbage that leaves even myself, shaking my head.  

So what about you?  Are you doing resolutions or a word?  What are yours going to be?  Don't forget to hashtag it with #oneword365


  1. I have been doing the one word thing for a few years. Most years, it has worked great for me. One year I did health (relationship health, financial health, schedule health, physical health, etc). Another year I did beauty -- again applied to every area of my life. This year, I have not yet chosen a word. Your word choice sounds great!

  2. Randi,
    Thanks for hosting the Link Party. Wouldn't you know I forgot the #oneword365 oh Joy! I am excited to see what joy comes my way and how your relationship works out.
    Happy Creating in 2015,
    Karen Marie

  3. Great word Randi- it really is what's important in life huh!

  4. I love the word you chose! I definitely need to work on my relationships.

  5. I'm not big on New Years resolutions....I just try to set goals when I need to or am inspired to throughout the year. I love the "one word" idea, though, and that's in important one!

  6. I love this! You chose a great word to work on this year!

  7. This is such a great word for your year! I definitely need to focus more on my relationships this year too! It is so hard when we move every year!

  8. This is my first year to chose a word as well. I chose GROWTH (in all areas: relationships, spiritually, personally, professionally and my blog)

  9. I think this is a great word and if you focus on that, you should have a great year! This year my word is FUN!!!


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