Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh the places you'll GROW! Valentine's Day seed packets

I am participating in the Craft Lightening this month!  The idea behind the lightening project is that you design/build/create something in 15 minutes or less with the exception of dry time.  This month was an added bonus because the theme was Dr. Seuss!  And if you remember the Dr. Seuss baby shower that I helped throw last year, you can be assured I was excited for this challenge as well!

For my project, I decided to work on something that could also be a Valentine's day gift!

I really like when Lucy gets Valentine's that aren't just candy and I also love Valentine's that are creative and FUN!  When this idea hit me, it was about 2am and I was laying in bed trying to sleep, but failing miserably.  But, really, the end result to that late night was completely worth it because, well, it's super cute!

I create this file in my Silhouette program and did a print to cut file.  I have provided you with both the FREE download so you can print it as a PDF and then cut yourself if you don't have a Silhouette, OR, I have provided the Silhouette file as well so you have the option of using either.

After I was done printing and cutting this file, I just simply folded them in half and stapled them onto a little plastic bag that I got at Michael's in a pack of 100.  Here is the affiliate link to the bags sold on Amazon.

The best part about this craft, aside from it being SUPER quick, is that it's also SUPER inexpensive! The bags cost just a couple of dollars, I used one piece of paper, just a few staples, and the seeds were $4 at Home Depot!  I would assume the seeds would be even cheaper if I wasn't trying to buy them in the middle of the winter also.  

To download this file as a PDF, click here.  To download this file as an SVG file, click here.

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  1. This is such a fun project Randi and I love that it is a non-candy valentine! :)

  2. Yes.....We are interested in more Lightening Crafts........!.......I should say I am interested and not speak for the whole group!!!!........Me and Red and Louie(and probably Candy, but not Obama[he's very busy] are interested.....There!...Sadly this is the last nite of our 3 day vacation!!!!.....So, Lightening Crafts really ARE important!!!

  3. This is a brilliant idea! Thanks for joining!

  4. So stinking cute and clever. and I love how the photos turned out!

  5. What a great idea for a Valentine! So different and super fun!

  6. This is fabulous, Randi. I also think these would make for great graduation gifts. PINNED!

  7. This is such a fun idea. My daughter LOVES seeds, so they'd be a hit with her!


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