Monday, January 26, 2015

Seahawks Earrings part 2

I've come a long way since moving here to the Pacific Northwest...I mean I know that the Seahawks are the football team...and I know that they won the Superbowl last year and I know that they are headed there again this year!  And man, I am kind of excited to see the energy here again!  It's really hard to ignore how crazy it gets!  The streets are painted almost literally with blue and green. Everyone is wearing their Seahawks gear, flags are attached to just about every car you see.  

It's really really fun and amazing!  And I also find it to be fun that everywhere you go people exclaim "GO HAWKS!"

So in light of all the fan fair going on here...I had to jump in on this Seahawks craze!  This week I am starting it off with these AMAZING earrings that I whipped up!  And no, they aren't the jersey ones I did last year, even though those are super awesome too!  They were so easy that anyone can make them!  So you could totally make your own...and in your own team colors, but really, why would you want to make them in anything other than blue and green?!?

I found these bracelets at Ben Franklin and knew that I wanted them just for the beads.  So I bought one in each color and cut the cord on them to take them apart. 

The earrings that I made, you need three blue beads, two white and two green.  I used four jump rings and a fish hook earring for each one.

To put them together I opened up a jump ring and added a green bead, a jump ring and then a white bead. 

To the center jump ring, I aded a blue bead, a jump ring and another blue bead.  On that center jump ring, I added another green bead, jump ring and a white bead. 

With the last jump ring, I added the last blue bead.  So it ended up being green/white, blue/blue, green white.

Lastly I added the fish hook to the top and DONE! Super fun and full of team spirit! 

I also loved that when I was taking a picture of them outside, the sun was shining and they sparkled!


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