Thursday, January 29, 2015

Seahawks Rosette Wreath

When the Seahawks went to to the Super Bowl last year it was amazing and fun and our great city of Seattle was just FULL of energy and excitement!  It really was difficult to not get into the crazy! When the Seahawks made it to the Super Bowl this year, my block erupted in cheers!  I mean, literally.  We are not a football family so while the game was playing I was in the garage cleaning out my scrap wood pile and organizing my craft supplies.  I knew something big had happened because one of my neighbors came out of her house waving a cowbell in the air whooping and hollering. I heard cheers and screams from about 4 other houses on my block and when those subsided, I could hear whooping and cheers from blocks away.  Oh and fireworks.  Lots of fireworks.  It was incredible.  

Naturally, I started thinking up crafts to do with my mommy group because I knew they would want to make some Seahawks stuff to put around their house to show their team spirit.  A friend of mine mentioned she wanted a wreath for her door and where I was going to go with a rag wreath, I decided to just go with a rosette wreath because I figured it would be cheaper than buying all kinds of fabric.

So...after making this decision, I cut paper on my Silhouette for 4 days straight because 6 people wanted to make wreaths.

You can see my full tutorial on my spring time wreath post on how to make the rosettes.  I did the same thing with this one too.  Putting the "12" on it I used the font "College"and then did two offsets of it to make the border.  

And now, my door is ready for the Super Bowl.  When I asked Matt what he thought of my wreath, he said it was "amazing" and just what he envisioned when I told him I was going to make a rosette wreath.  I actually think his exact quote was "it looks like I envisioned a football wreath to look like."

Obviously, he knows me well.  Or he just likes to mess with me.

Anyway....GO HAWKS!!!

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  1. This is such a festive wreath! Great job!

  2. How could they beat the PACK!!!!.......I have to drown my sorrows in Girl Scout Cookies!!!

  3. Go Seahawks, I'm sure they will win! And your talent, Randi, is amazing, your wreaths are so beautiful. I wish you a great Superbowl Day!

  4. Came across your blog from the Ben Franklin FB page and I am obsessing over all your silhouette projects! Can't wait to get one myself you start recreating some of them!!


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