Thursday, January 15, 2015

Simple Chicken Salad Sandwiches

After a long two day drive home from Las Vegas, and a week of almost nothing but eating out, I was ready for some good home cooked meals.  After running some errands on Saturday I just couldn’t get the idea of chicken salad sandwiches out of my head.  And since I knew we had enough chicken at home (I had just ordered a roasted chicken from Costco via Instacart) I ran to the store to pick up the rest of what I needed.

chicken - shredded
red grapes
mayo or miracle whip
hawaiian sweet rolls

I cut off some of the chicken from the roasted chicken…

Ok wait, can I go off on a tangent for a bit?  Let’s talk about the roasted chickens…They are something like $7 from Costco.  They are yummy and amazing.  Anytime I go to Costco, or order through Instacart, I pick one up.  I then use the chicken meat for a meal, say dinner with a veggie.  Then I use the leftovers for something else, say chicken salad AND chicken noodle soup.  After I have ripped that roasted chicken to shreds, I toss all the bones, an onion, a half head of garlic, left over celery and carrots, a bay leaf and a splash of apple cider vinegar, into my crock pot.  I fill the rest of it up with water and let it cook on low for 24 hours.  25 hours later, I strain it into a bowl, fill the crock pot up with water again and let it cook for another 24 hours.  With the first bowl of broth, I pour it into mason jars leaving about an inch from the top free for expansion and I put them in the freezer.  The next day, I do the same thing, but I put two jars in the fridge because I usually use them quickly.  That means for about $7, I get about two dinners, about two lunches and broth for at least 5-6 other meals.  Possibly the best $7 ever spent really.  The benefits of bone broth are amazing.  In the winter, I even heat up a cup at night and drink it before I go to bed like tea.  You can read more about it here too. 

Ok, but back to my sliders…

I cut off a chunk of chicken and shredded it in a bowl using two forks to pull the chicken apart.  Then I cut up about a cup worth of red grape, I cut them into quarters.  When that was all done, I added just a little miracle whip and mixed it all together.  

After I cut all my hawaiian rolls in half, filled them with chicken salad and they were done.  It was the best and quickest lunch I had made in a while.  

And while Lucy wouldn’t really touch them, Dexter ate one full one himself which was pretty impressive and successful if you ask me!


  1. Hi Randi! I love bite-sized sandwiches for game day! Chicken salad is a great idea!

  2. Oh my Gosh, that looks sooooo Good!!!!!.........Too bad the PACK has to beat the crap out of the 12 of U up there!!!

  3. I do the same thing with my chicken, and also with turkey and beef roasts.


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