Sunday, January 4, 2015

This Week's Menu

Well hello there and welcome back!

I hope everyone had an AMAZING holiday and New Year!  We had a fabulous one if I do say so myself!  Some of the highlights were my daughter getting all my old Polly Pockets, she said that they were her favorite gift ever!  That made me feel good because they made me so happy as a kid, I like knowing they are going to make her happy too!

The highlight of Dexter's Christmas was a dinosaur play-doh toy that I got off my local Buy Nothing group.  Funny how the two things they loved the most didn't cost me a thing.

Matt's highlight gift was his new wallet that I got him.  And me...well my favorite was the new drill set that Matt got me!  We kinda switch gender stereotypes this year with gifts...Matt a wallet, me some power tools, but hey, whatever works right?

Then, we decided to drive down to Las Vegas to surprise our families for Christmas! We got there on Saturday after a two day drive, but we totally surprised everyone!  We spent a week down there and it was great!

Like all vacations though, I am completely excited and happy to be home.  Ls Vegas had reached the lowest temps all year that we were there and it was freezing.  And the wind had picked up really bad which caused Matt and me to about die with sinus pain.  But now being back in the wonderful PNW I am already feeling better.  Which is great because I have a TON of things I can't wait to start doing!  I have so many projects that I have been sketching out while we have been driving and I can't wait to start them!

Also, anyone doing resolutions?  Instead of doing resolutions this year, I decided to choose one word to live by this year.  Read all about it here.

In the mean time, here is our menu plan for this week!

Monday - oven roasted chicken
Tuesday - chicken fajitas
Wednesday - chicken wings
Thursday - chicken soup
Friday - chicken stir fri
Saturday - stuffed sweet potatoes

This week's jokes are here and waiting your download also and I left a couple blank so you can fill out your own if you want!

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  1. What a fun idea to put jokes in lunchboxes. I hope you stop by and link up your meal plan with our Small Victories Sunday and/or Throwback Thursday linkups!


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