Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stitch Fix Review #13

Hey all, I am back with another Stitch Fix Review!  I was hoping this would be LUCKY number 13, but, I was slightly disappointed.  This of course is a little bit of a spoiler...

Article #1:  Tart zip up cardigan  $58
Ok, so this sweater was kinda expensive, BUT hear me out.  It was suuuuper soft.  It fit great.  IT HAD THUMB HOLES!  It is lightweight enough to wear on slightly chilly days but it is also warm enough to keep me warmer in the evenings as well.  

Status:  KEPT

 Article #2:  Laila Jayde knit top   $44
This top was soft and stretchy.  But it was super baggy and wasn't the least bit flattering.  There was nothing other than it being soft that I loved about it.  


Article #3:  Skies are Blue embroidered trim top  $48
I liked this shirt.  It fit well, it was flattering, it was nice.  It was also $48 and it just so happens that the day after I got this months Stitch Fix box, I went to Target and they were having a huge clearance sale on their tops.  I ended up buying 3 new shirts which totaled LESS than $48 so I couldn't justify spending that on just one.  So sadly, this one went back...


Article #4 and #5:  Laila Jayde top  $58 with an Octavia Infinity Scarf  $34
This shirt was very similar to a shirt that was sent to me in Stitch Fix #9.  And by similar I mean it had a seam down the front of it. I hated it back then, I hate it still.  I also didn't like how the shirt body attached to the arms.  I felt like I could fly with this shirt on.  

I also didn't like scarf.  I mean, I liked it I guess, but really, $34 for a scarf?  I have at least 4 scarves that I love and adore and not just because my grandma made them for me.  


Well my Stitch Fix this month was less than exciting, but fortunately I was sent that cardigan.  

Oh, are you still wondering what this Stitch Fix is all about?  Well let me give you a quick overview. Stitch Fix is an online personal shopping service.  You fill out a survey on your style preferences, a link to your Pinterest style boards, if you have one, and then every month, for a $20 fee, they send you 5 articles of clothing.  If you decide to buy anything, they apply the $20 fee towards your total.  If you decide to buy everything they send, they take 25% off your whole order.  Needless to say, even though I wasn't thrilled with this month's box, I am hooked and love everything about it! If you are ready to try it for yourself, please use my referral code!


  1. Pretty Soon U will have to start your "Summer" selection, maybe start will hiking boots as your Scout Troop will want to be on the move!!!

  2. I think you made the right choices this time around. (Can I borrow that sweater?) I saw those tops on sale at target also, and I agree that the scarf was too much. Fingers crossed for next time!


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