Sunday, February 8, 2015

This Week's Menu or not...

I try to use my Sunday post as my "this is what's going on in my life" and my "personal post" day. See, I try not to just blog about crafts and stuff.  I like people to know that there is a REAL person behind this keyboard.

And on that note, I don't think I could be any more REAL than I will be right now in this post.

Everyone has good days and everyone has bad days.  And then there are times that you have a great running streak of GREAT days, which you don't usually recognize as great days.  It isn't until you start having bad days when you realize just how great those other days were.  Reminds me of this quote from Andy Bernard from The Office:

Recently, I was having a serious run of GREAT luck.  I mean every day I went to bed, I felt great.  I wasn't stressed, anxious or worried.  I didn't dread the next day as I sometimes do when I know I have a million things going on. Things were wonderful and great!

And one day, I  looked down at my arm...

And I remember that day clearly, because I was chatting online with my mommy group and said that I was worried about how bad the bad would be since everything was so wonderful.

But still another week went by, and things were great.

Even when we noticed our roof was leaking, things weren't bad because our landlords are amazing and had someone here ridiculously quick to get it fixed.  

It was the day the roofers left, however, that things started going downhill.  The same day the roofers left, we noticed that the flooring in our kitchen was warped.  And when we cleaned out under our sink, we found that we had a pretty bad leak.  A plumber came out and fixed it that night but we still had the issue of the floor, which is now an ongoing problem, we aren't sure how much work needs to be done to fix the problem yet.  

And if that wasn't enough, my dog, Sammy...well he was unable to get up on his own anymore.  On Tuesday, I had to make the severely difficult decision to put him down.  He was 14 years old.  I was there the day he was born and took him home at 5 1/2 weeks old.  He lived a fabulously long life for such a large dog and even though I am FAR more sad about putting him down than I expected I would be, I know he isn't hurting anymore.  

And you wouldn't think that things could get worse right?  Well they did.  The day after I lost Sammy, I went to the dentist and found out I had a cracked tooth that needs a root canal and a crown. 

AND THEN, oh yes, there is an "and then," I got home and my other dog was having problems getting up.  Being 15 years old, it wasn't unexpected, but I was sad knowing that I had been focusing so much attention on Sammy, I hadn't noticed how bad Snickers was getting.  I suppose it will only be another week or so before I have to put her down.  

So, lets just's been a really rough couple of weeks.  

I really don't want to be such a downer, but if feels good to talk about it sometimes.  Not dwell, just talk.  

And because of everything going on, there won't be anything super fabulous for dinner this week...I actually won't even be listing our menu because I am just going to pick up a few things throughout the week and wing it.  Thanks for hanging around with me for these past weeks.  This week will be a better one for me, I am going to make sure of it.  

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  1. As your Grammpa told me onetime when things were less that scrumptous, "Don't dwell on it".........Might sound cold, but it is the greatest advice I ever got.......From your Grammpa no less!!


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