Sunday, February 1, 2015

This Week's Menu

Let's just be straight with each other.  I am not a football fan.  I don't know anything about football.  I don't watch the games.  I don't know the teams.  I wasn't completely sure what a touchdown was called until recently, so instead I called it a "score" because, well, you can't really go wrong with that right?

But even though I am not a football fan, I still went to a super bowl party and I watched.  I watched that game like a crazy person. I cheered!  I hollered!  I BOO'D with the rest of Seattle when the Seahawks lost.

And even though I don't know much about football, I am sad that the Seahawks lost.

So sad.

Also this week, we had a pipe burst in our kitchen. Well, it was severely leaking more than burst.  As it turns out...when a pipe leaks in your kitchen and you have particle wood floors and you live in the's a little bit of a recipe for disaster.  It looks like at minimum we need new floors.  And maybe a new cabinet or two, but nothing is determined yet until tests and adjusters come out to look at everything.  But we have amazing landlords and everything will be taken care of soon.  but this might mean that I might not have a kitchen soon...So who knows...

But this week is another week and we still have to eat...I know, that was a horrible transition...

Monday - chicken and sweet potato hash
Tuesday - tortilla soup
Wednesday - pork chops and salad
Thursday - sloppy joes over potatoes
Friday - homemade pizza
Saturday - leftovers
Sunday - spaghetti

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  1. Once the "Pack" lost, I had to hve a slice of "Humble-Pie"....


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