Saturday, March 7, 2015

St. Patrick's Day Windsock

After taking a short sabbatical due to some personal things, I am slowly working my way back in.  If you are interested in the gory details, I'll update everyone on Sunday when I do my (non) menu plan post.

But this week I am going to show you a craft I did for Stephanie with Crafting in the Rain's Crafting A-Z project!  My letter for this project is C!  And the material I chose to craft with was CANS!

If you remember from some of my past projects, then you will remember the fun 4th of July wind sock that I did last year, and then the cute wind chime one I made a few months ago with melted pony beads too!

What you will need for this project:

  • plastic gold coins...I got mine form my local Buy Nothing group but if you go right now, you can find them at Michaels for like $3.
  • rainbow colored yarn
  • a recycled tin can...mine came from some crushed tomatoes I used for salsa
  • spray paint
  • white paint
After spray painting the tin can blue and painting clouds on it, I needed to punch some holes into it. 

Usually I use a nail to punch holes in the cans, but this time I used my drill because it was handy. Also, I am pretty sure I ruined my drill bit drilling into the tin can since I didn't have the right drill bit, but really, it's all in the name of creativity!

When the holes were drilled, I added pieces of yarn in the colors of the rainbow, ROY G BIV minus the I.  

Then I drilled holes into the plastic gold coins too and tied them to the yard.

And when I was done tying everything together, I just strung it up with some bakers twine.

Seriously, it was that easy.  Not counting dry time, I think this took me about 20 minutes to make this from start to finish.  It would make a super fun addition to your front porch this Saint Patrick's Day!

Now that you are all done checking out my project, click through and see what everyone else did for their letters!

A is for Argyle Spring Tote by AttaGirl Says


  1. Don't forget to fill it up with Green Beer!!!

  2. Wait, I just realized that it's upside down and all the Green Beer will escape!!!!

  3. So cute Randi! I love all the colors, and the clouds totally make it :) Thanks for joining the series!


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