Friday, May 15, 2015

Summer Bucket List; Free Printable

The last few years have caused me to have a love/hate relationship with summer.  Long gone are the days when summer was just an ongoing holiday at our house without the dread (or excitement) of school starting.  Summer is no longer just an extension on our spring and the pre-game to fall.  It's a short period of two and a half months when I have two kids at home full time wanting to know what I have planned next to keep them from a horrible slow death of boredom.

Last year, I wrote this article about how I wasn't looking forward to summer.  When I reread that article in preparation for this one, I sat back a little and reflected on my memories of that summer.  I was still pretty sick.  And not sick in a cough cough kind of sick, but I was still recovering from being in the hospital with pancreatitis.  It is crazy, looking back, on how long it actually took me to recover from that illness.  And because of this, we spent a lot of time just at home last year.  We traveled a little and went back to the beach in Oregon, but we stayed home.  And we rested.  And by we, I do mean me.

I feel like this summer is going to be different.  I am already looking forward to school being out and having my kids at home together, playing, fighting, arguing and enjoying each other's company!  I have already scheduled them for swim lessons and I got the unicorn of schedules for them, lessons at the same time at the same pool!  We have trips planned and camping trips in the works...It's going to be an amazing summer!

Because of that, I made a summer bucket list for this summer!

It's simple, to the point and it's awesome!  The ideas listed here are all things that I have easy access to, so when the child that reads comes up to me and says she wants to paint, well, then we paint.  And things like going to the farmer's market might just be my most favorite thing to do, with it being on the list, the kids will feel like we "did" something that day.

To download your own copy of this Summer Bucket List, just click below!


  1. Way cute, and I love all the colors!

  2. Genius! I had totally forgotten about the farmers market!


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