Sunday, May 3, 2015

This Week's Menu


It's been awhile huh?

I'd say so.

Wanna know why?

I can tell you.

See my little story starts 15 weeks ago.

15 weeks ago, we had a small, yet awful, pipe in our kitchen burst.  It slowly flooded the kitchen, ruining the pressed wood flooring, and making a right mess of things.  A horribly unfortunate mess involving a lot of poor communication and everyone and their mom being on vacation, it took 12 weeks for my landlords to get work started and another 3 for the construction to, almost, be done. Yes, we are on week 15 and it's still not done.

Until last week, we didn't have much in the ways of a kitchen, and most of our stuff was moved out so they could fix the floors, which means we've been eating out for what seems like ever.  But, thousands of dollars and 15lbs later, we are back to eating at home and are taking solace in the fact that we won't have to leave for a meal again unless we decide to, not because we are forced to.

I've decided that because we have been eating out for ages, that we are going to spend the next little bit here flushing our systems, eating well again, and basically trying to fix all the "damage" that eating out for 14 weeks does to your body.

I'll be planning out meals based on the Whole 30 lifestyle.  Matt and the kids will be following is less so than me, and where I want to follow it 100%, I am going to allow myself some room for error because I don't want to end up binging.  I am looking forward to detoxing, losing weight (hopefully) and all in all, start feeling better.

All your support will be gladly accepted.  I'll try to post on Instagram what I am eating so I can stay accountable.  I'd also love to hear all your stories and encouragement!!!

So this week's menu:

Monday - BBQ chicken fajita salad with a side of guac and carrot chips
Tuesday - BBQ pork chops with grilled zucchini and squash with a side of salad and fruit
Wednesday - BBQ steak with grilled green beans with bacon and onions and a side of fruit
Thursday - these wings because don't they just look amazing? with sweet potato chips
Friday - Grilled chicken salad full of all kinds of veggies and maybe some strawberries
Saturday - BBQ pork ribs with grilled corn (for everyone but me), grilled onions, red bell peppers and yellow peppers and salad (a feast if you will)
Sunday - BBQ cheeseburgers (no cheese or bun for me) and sweet potato fries with guac and any left over veggies

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