Sunday, June 21, 2015

This Week's Menu

The time has come for a bit of an update on my end don't you think?

My kitchen is finally completely done.  And I do mean everything is complete.  The moving back into our house has posed to be more challenging than I had expected.  I feel like stuff is just everywhere. And with all the craziness of the last few weeks of school, nothing really got done.

On top of nothing really getting done, I found out about two weeks ago that my two nieces were going to come and stay with us for 5 weeks. Needless to say, it's been a little busy.  But tomorrow is the first official day of summer vacation.  Sure we got out of school on Wednesday, but there was a lot of craziness going on those last couple of days of last week.

So I am declaring tomorrow our first day of summer vacation!  A few things are starting tomorrow too!  My kids have swim lessons and the best part of those lessons are, I got them both at the same time of day!  I have been calling them the "unicorn lessons" because how often do you get two kids 4 years apart in age signed up for anything that is at the same time at the same location ever?

I am also starting bootcamp.  It's a 5:30-6am class which means I am officially crazy, but I've been seeing pictures of myself lately AND the fact that my wedding rings don't fit anymore, I have to do something.  With the Groupon for the bootcamp comes a nutrition aspect too, so I am being proactive and am just starting Whole 30 again starting tomorrow.  I've been doing a lot of research on recipes again and I am excited for this week's menu.  I'll be making some slight modifications both to make them Whole 30 approved and a bit more super picky kid friendly.

I feel like I should do some before and after shots, but I will wait until my four weeks are up with the bootcamp class (for the after pics, I've got plenty of before pics that I'd rather see burn in a pit).  This aligns perfectly with my trip back to Las Vegas too and when I get back, Matt and I are both joining a crossfit studio near us.  My lofty goal is to lose 30lbs by my birthday in October.  Lets see just how close I can make it.  I also am fully aware that the scale doesn't matter as much as how I feel and how my clothes fit, but I can tell you that since I am already like 50lbs overweight, 30lbs is important to me.

So please, ask me how it's going.  Bug me on Instagram for pictures of my food or status pics of my progress.  KEEP ME ACCOUNTABLE.

In the mean time, here is my menu for this week:

Monday - Egg Roll in a bowl...and maybe for fun, I'll wrap some for the kids ;)
Tuesday - lime chicken tacos
Wednesday - kung pao chicken
Thursday - meatballs with salad and for the family I might just might add some noodles
Friday - chocolate chili
Saturday/Sunday - We will be camping so I am not sure exactly what we are going to do yet

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