Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Animal Book Marks

A few years ago, my local craft store, Ben Franklin, had a free make and take day where you could make these fun little bookmarks.  They had this picture as an example of all the animals you could make.

They were so easy to make, and I even had some fun making up a few others!  

Paper cutter
Hole punch
2" paper punch
glue stick
colored paper
Scissors (not shown)
Sharpie (not shown)

Once you have your supplies, use your 2" punch and cut a bunch of circles out.

Select the color you want for your bookmarks and then cut those into rectangular strips.  I used one of my circles to measure how wide to make them.

Then using the picture above, pieced together a few animals!  The greatest part about this was when I started making them, Lucy wanted to make some too.  We got to discuss how by cutting a whole circle in half, you would then get two halves, and if you cut those in half you would get 4 quarters. So there was a little bit of math in there too.

When we were done cutting and making our animals, we used the sharpie to put add the details.

We made a bunch of these in Girl Scouts too for swaps that we sent to a troop in Florida!  They paired perfectly as we were working on our 3 Cheers for Animals Journey.

To see more fun book related projects, see the linkup below!  This year's Kids Summer Craft Camp is all about books!  So check out what's been going on!


  1. These are so fun! They remind me of Charley Harper, who I love :D

  2. Super cute--so many possibilities!

  3. How fun and creative! I love the circle/math aspect of this project. :)


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