Thursday, July 23, 2015

Harry Potter Cell Phone Wallpaper

Recently, I have been obsessed with trying to make new wallpaper pictures for my phone.  I used to just do pictures of my kids or pictures I took, or whatever.  But lately, I've just been tired of seeing those pictures.  I mean, I love my kids, I do, but I look at them all day long, so let me just be real and say that I wanted something "fun" for my phone.

So when this Harry Potter Blog Hop came about, I JUMPED on doing a Harry Potter inspired wallpaper for my phone!!!  

(Please ignore all my notifications...I've been busy with family lately and have chosen in person interaction over electronic interaction so I've been ignoring my phone.)

This one was so easy too, I just picked a scripty kind of font on a worn paper background.  I knew immediately that I was going to use this quote.  I mean, it's perfect right?  And it works for either your lock screen or your home screen. In this post, I show it to you both ways.  I think I am also going to have to make another that says "The Phone of Requirement," what do you think?

So do you want this picture for your phone?  Click below to download it!

Oh yea, and there is a giveaway going on with some super fun Harry Potter themed items too!  To enter, use the rafflecopter below!

The winner will receive the following awesome Harry Potter and bookish prizes!

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  1. Thank you so much for making/posting this! I just found your blog (via Raegun's Ramblings)- I'm a fellow Seattlite (and writer, and teal-lover, etc.) and my fiance and I are both big Harry Potter fans. But 90% of the Harry Potter crafts out there require a Cricut, which I don't have, or mad skills (also lacking). I showed him this post and he was like a kid at Christmas. :)

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by!!! If you are interested in the decal I made for my laptop, email me at and I'll cut one out for you! Us Seattle folks gotta stick together :)

  2. So cute thank you 😊

  3. May I know what font you used for your wallpaper ? Really love the font !


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