Monday, July 20, 2015

Harry Potter Laptop Decal

(I was provided materials for this project from Expressions Vinyl.  All opinions are my own.)

We all know I love Harry Potter.  I mean, I've showed you this tattoo before right??

When I signed up to do this vinyl blog hop, I knew, almost instantly, that I needed to do something Harry Potter related!  And when I was trying to figure out what I wanted to do, I looked at my new, completely naked laptop.  See my old laptop had the Hogwarts House Crest on it, and this new laptop, well, it didn't.  

And seeing as I hadn't used my Silhouette since our kitchen went dead back in January, I figured it was a good time to wipe all the dust off it and get to work. After I did the design for the decal, I loaded up some black vinyl from Expressions Vinyl and got it cutting!

As I was thinking about what I wanted to put on my laptop, I thought back to my Harry Potter inspired tree skirt and remembered the foot prints that I made up for that design.  Instantly I knew that I needed to have them on my laptop.  I mean, my laptop is kinda like the Marauder's Map right? All I have to do is open it, type in my password and then I can find out pretty much where everyone is based on their Facebook checkins...I mean...right?

After the vinyl was all cut, I did a little weeding on it and used transfer paper to pick it up.

I made sure that my laptop was wiped clean since you need a clean surface to adhere to. Also, can we take a minute to bask in the beauty of the space gray Apple MacBook?  So sexy right?

Once I lined it up where I wanted it, I used a plastic scraper to transfer it.

And then, ahem, magic happened!

See what I did there?

I also was messing around and made a new Deathly Hallows for my keyboard.

And because I messed up on the first Deathly Hallows by making it too small, I put that one on my Silhouette.   Because, why not?

Want your own decal?  Well, guess what? I'm giving it away for free!  Click below to download!

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  1. Love your laptop decal Randi! I also made a Harry Potter project for the EV hop!

  2. Mischief for the win! I love this idea :)

  3. Thank you for the decal file!! That is so nice of you to share.


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