Sunday, July 5, 2015

This Week's Menu

This starts my third week on Whole 30 and I am struggling a little more than expected.  It's not a struggle eating or finding healthy things to eat, I struggle with my love for snacking and not being able to find enough to snack on.  Or rather, enough that I feel satisfied.  For instance, my favorite snack is chips and salsa.  Well you can have corn on Whole 30 so I can't have corn chips. Well I've tried doing carrot chips, but it's just not the same.  I know the solution would then be to break myself of the snacking habit, but well, I really enjoy snacking.  It's how I feel about coffee, I really enjoy the ritual of sitting down with a cup of coffee.

But I am almost halfway through so I am sticking it out.  It's important for me to finish and so I am going to finish.  And if I am being totally honest, I am only going to be on Whole 30 for about 25 days because I leave for vacation with my mom and kids on day 25.  The Whole 30 options while on road trips is very slim.  And we are stopping in San Fransisco and my most favorite thing in the whole wide world is sourdough bread from SF.

So here is to another 7 days on Whole 30....

Monday - apple pork chops
Tuesday - eating out since we are hitting up the baseball game!!! (I will eat at home before we leave)
Wednesday - sandwiches (not for me, I am not sure what I am going to have yet but we are going to try to do the movie in the park)
Thursday - pizza (not for me, the kids) since we are having a sleep over
Friday - fried chicken thighs
Saturday - BBQ ribs and mashed sweet potatoes and corn
Sunday - I'm not sure yet, we might go out, we might BBQ chicken we might just have leftovers

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