Sunday, August 2, 2015

This Week's Menu

Hey everyone! I'm back in Seattle and my Whole 30 is done...well actually my Whole 22.  I made it 22 days which was pretty impressive if you ask me.  I started right after school let out, I had my nieces for 5 weeks and then I left for vacation to Las Vegas for a week.  It was crazy.  But I made it 22 days.  In 22 days, I lost 9lbs.  I can't say I felt like I got more energy, but then again, I was running around with 4 kids, ranging from 3-13 years in age for 5 weeks.  Now that I have been eating a non Whole 30 diet, I have noticed a few things.  First off, when I eat bread, I crash.  And I crash HARD. I also feel sick.  When I have sugar, I get headaches.  But I guess that was the whole point to this journey right?  To really learn how I felt with food right?

So now that I am home and we are back in a bit of a routine of sorts, I can start learning how to change my diet permanently.  I am going to have to cut gluten from my diet completely.  The way I feel afterwards is just not worth it.  I don't like the headaches and the feeling like I am going to vomit afterwards.  I also don't have time to not have the energy that I need to run my life.

I also have to cut sugar.  I get these horrible headaches when I have sugar. And that is going to be the difficult elimination since sugar is hiding in EVERYTHING!  But I am doing what I can to eliminate as much of it as possible.

I started drinking wine again, but really, I don't even feel like I want to anymore.  And the weird thing, or rather awesome thing I guess, is that I don't want to eat anything "bad."  For instance, I got the kids Ready Spaghetti for dinner tonight and I where I normally would dive into those fried raviolis, I just couldn't.  I grabbed some ruffles at a BBQ the other day, and after, I just felt awful.  In a way, Whole 30 ruined a lot of foods that I used to enjoy, but truly, it didn't ruin anything, it just made things better for me.  REAL food just tastes better.

That said, I've been slacking on the cooking thing.  My dad drove back with my kids and me and he was here for a week.  We ate out a lot when he was here.  The day my dad left, Matt left to India too.  I haven't gotten back into the swing of cookie dinner every night, but I am hoping to finally get past that this week.  I miss real food.  But that said, Matt's out of town, so it's hard for me to cook a full meal.

So this week I am not going to plan a menu.  I am just going to wing it, which is not a great thing to do because it'll end up that we will just eat out or eat really crappy food.  But, that's just how it is.  I realize now how food effects me.  I realize now that if I don't want to feel a certain way, really the way I feel right now, is all due to how I have been eating.

And that was the whole point to this Whole 30 journey right?

So next week, I will be back with a menu, and a plan, and a jump back into healthy eating.  In the mean time, don't mind me, I'll just be napping a lot.


  1. You got this! Going gluten-free definitely helps cut down on sugar. And if you've already weaned yourself off or low, it'll be easier than you think to drop the sugar 99% out of your diet. (especially because, my goodness, everything seems to have gluten in it....although my perspective is skewed because I can't do gluten or dairy or soy). If you can have rice, I've found it's a nice fallback position from wheat-based stuff. When we go out, it's easier if we hit up a Vietnamese, Indian, or Thai place because they always have rice and/or rice noodle dishes (contrastingly, it's nearly impossible for me to eat at a Mexican or Italian restaurant). Lucky for you, there's Pho on every corner here. :)

  2. Here's a good one that I had when I got home..........Turkey Dogs..........With mustard, non of that ketchup stuff.........


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