Sunday, October 18, 2015

This Week's Menu

A funny thing happens today...I turn a year older.

Happy birthday to me!

In honor of my birthday, I am trying to menu plan again so I can get back on the "eating better" bandwagon!  I've got a good motivation these days...I've been hitting the gym two days a week for the last month and since hitting the gym, I have been wanting to eat better, but really, since I have been spending so much time KonMari-ing my house, I haven't had time or focus to deal with menu planning also. But now I feel I have a better grasp on things clutter-wise here at the home front, so I have a minute to figure out my food.

That, and as part of my gym agreement with my friend who is going with me, I am supposed to make a menu for her and me and she makes out up or workouts.  The pressure is on for me now.

So here you go!

Monday - stuffed squash
Tuesday - pork carnitas
Wednesday - Italian sausage soup
Thursday - chicken fingers and sweet potato fries
Friday/Saturday - I am camping for a Girl Scout training
Sunday - eating out!

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  1. I hope U had a GREAT birthday!!............I love seeing the menu!!!.......


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