Monday, January 18, 2016

DIY Bath Fizzies

Long time, no post right people?  Well look who's back (at least for now)!  I'm here today to participate with this months Craft Lightening Challenge!  These bath fizzies are so easy to make and are so much fun for the kids to help with (with proper drying time) and they make for some super fun and pretty (if I do say so myself) gifts!  They also smell really good too!  So you ready to figure out how to make your own?  Keep scrolling down!

Food Coloring
Scented Oil (I used some from Bramleberry)
a bowl
a fork
a measuring cup
a dropper
a silicone mold

The recipe is a 2:1 parts baking soda/citric acid mix.  In this case, I used 1 cup baking soda and 1/2 cup citric acid.  I used the fork to blend them together and break up any chunks.

Because I wanted to use two different colors, I split the dry mixture up into smaller bowls.

I added a dropper of scented oil.

I added about 5 drops of food coloring.

And then I used a spray bottle with witch hazel in it.  I sprayed about 4 times.

Next you have to mix, mix, mix until it's all blended.

I then dumped it on the silicone mold and pushed in all the moist ingredients.  Because these ones are for Valentine's day, I added some heart sprinkles.  These are just the same ones you get to put on top of cupcakes, but I thought it would be cute when the kids use them, to have little hearts floating around.  They are completely unnecessary though.

I then repeated all of the above steps and covered the sprinkles.  I was hoping for pink and red hearts, but they ended up all basically pink.

Next, they have to dry.  This is the most important part I learned.  I tried making these with my Girl Scouts for the "My Best Self" badge, and they didn't work out well.  I realized later, that it was because we were trying to take them out of the molds and into our hands right after putting them into the molds.  These in this picture are the bath bombs I recreated for my girls so that they could actually have some.  I would say you need to let them dry for at least an hour.  Two if possible.  

When they are dry, you just turn over the molds and pop them out!  I let them dry on paper towels for another hour or two.  You can feel them too, they just feel dry too.  If you can push down on them any, like if they are still a little squishy, then they need to dry longer.  

And if you want to give them away for Valentine's, then I created a super cute little printable you can include with them!

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