31 days

Another year, another 31 day challenge hosted by thenester.com.  I am super excited for this year because I feel that I am getting better with my crafting and better with my blogging every year.  Mix those together and here we are.  

Every day, I will be posting a craft that is made from wood.  It could be a complete project made from wood, or projects made with wood, there is a difference!  I can't wait to show you what I have up my sleeve!

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This year I am jumping into the 31 day challenge hosted by thenester.com with both feet.  I have selected the topic of Mind, Body and Soul.  I will be writing about three separate topics, Mind: 31 Days of Crafting with PVC; Body:  31 Days of Hot Yoga; Soul: 31 Days of Writing Pictures as an Instagram photo challenge in preparation for Nanowrimo. 

Every day, I will be posting a craft that is made from PVC.  Every day, I will go to hot yoga (with weekly updates including pictures) and every day, I will post a picture to Instagram that is in relation to the topics for that day (I have a list I am sharing on my main page).  I really hope you join me in all of these challenges and support me along the way!


I participated in a 31 Day Challenge.  It is being hosted by TheNester.  I thought long and hard bout what I wanted to do, and I have decided on 31 Days of Crafting.  I have severely sucked at my crafting in the last couple of months, and I really need a jump start in getting back to it.  My crafts will have no limitations, they will range from scrapbooking to halloween decorations to cooking to gardening.  This will help my Pinterest Tuesdays, it will help clear out unscrapped pictures, and help me finish some overdue projects!

So stick around, check back often, I'll be linking each day's post here so it will be easy to look back at each day, and these posts will just be in addition to my other segments.  I can't wait to share all my stuff with you!

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  1. I am also doing 31 days (of Wedding Planning) and I will certainly be following your blog! Crafting is a brand new hobby of mine, so I will enjoy new ideas and tips! Read you on Monday :)


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